Simply is the most flexible rehearsal space around, choose your session length, time & what you’d like included all from our website any time you feel the urge.

Flexible Video Studios

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Booking Video Studios

You’ll receive a confirmation email at the time you book your session and a reminder email 1 hour prior to your session. Both of these emails contain the details you’ll require to gain access to your room(s). For anyone booking last minute, you should know our system can take up to 15 minutes to authorise your access code – please be patient.

  • Customise your Session!

    Small Rooms, Large Rooms, Multi-Rooms, Add Backline, Ear Plugs, Sticks String... powerfully customised sessions.

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    Simple savings like bulk buy session prices & subscription discounts!

  • Easy Online Payment

    Simple, Secure, Online Payments with the option for subscription and volume session discounts.

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    We're open 24/7, 365 days of the year! Book your session anytime time that suits you, as little as 15 minutes before you want to pop in!

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