Thanks so much for being a part of Simply! We've really do think you're going to love this place.

Perhaps most obvious we've built this place as convenient & flexible hub for all things music & creative. But we would love Simply to be the sort of place where you meet and click with other talented individuals - muso, producers, videographers. We'd love to facilitate the moments where a stranger gifts the missing piece of magic into your project, or where a random jam sesh nets you a new BFFL. OH!! Maybe we should install a campfire and stock up the vending machine with marshm... anyways, we're excited.

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Meet the Team

Continue reading below to meet us, Graham, Rachel & Dan ("The Team") and where this all came from.

Meet Graham

I’m Graham. I love people, I love music and I love playing music with and for people. I love books, podcasts and all those learning tools. I love staying healthy and fit as well!

I’m a drummer, I’m Rachel’s husband, and we have the best kids in the world (sorry other kids). I play in bands all the time and know what it’s like to need a good space to rehearse, especially as a drummer and now I am super proud to say that I am in partnership with these legends in ownership of Simply. It’s like a dream come true for me and so I would love to make it a dream come true for you. ** "a dream is a wish your heart makes..." ** (Rachel sings in the background). Yup.

I’ve been gigging since I was a kid, done a degree in music, and I also run Sammy’s Music School in Kilsyth.

I can’t wait to study more and play more gigs, record and practice more!

Meet Rachel

I'm Rachel. I'm a learner, a do-er, and a joy-seeker. I enjoy most things, which results in doing too many things. I don’t like eggs though, or bacon - but for those of you wondering, breakfast is still my favourite meal! I have no pets, but I do own plants and I’ve kept all but one alive and that is something I feel is worthy of going on a resume. I love travelling and exploring new places is one of my favourite things.

What do I do?
Essentially, I work every job but the one I’m qualified for (Education). I currently help run a music school, where I get to be Human Resources, Customer Relations, Systems & IT, Administration & Finance. I manage a cafe. I used to plan people’s weddings. I create workplace administration processes. I sew childrens clothes. And I’m a full time mum of the two most gorgeous kids in the world! I have no time - but I admit that is my own fault.

I wanted to get involved in a business like Simply because I am passionate about meeting people’s needs. I’ve worked/still work a range of different jobs where my primary role has been to fill a need. At one of my current workplaces I have been dubbed 'the gopher’ as I tend to go back and forth, helping make everyones to-do lists shorter, and their ideas happen. Simply was a perfect fit given the industry that my husband Graham is in and know it will be a space that can serve heaps of our creative friends. I am so excited to see what it can become.

Meet Dan

I'm Dan . I'm a fidgiter - I can never sit still. I'm always, building something, pulling something apart or refining something. I'm uncomfortable when I'm unsure how something works & regularly distracted by everything happening in the world around me. I'm also a hard worker, an electrician and I love "simplifying" the world around me with gadgets.

I've always been in and around music thanks to my Mum, a music teacher. I'm a drummer, have dabbled in many other instruments the way drummers do, but I'm most talented and interested in production. For many years I worked in audio around Melbourne City while simultaneously running a studio that abounded in amazing gear but lacked in customers.

I left that behind to become a sparky and for me Simply is a side hustle where the three magically meet - electrical, tech, & music!

Hmm, what else... I love the sun, sport & fitness, people, any form of competition and my girl Sara.