Rehearsal Rooms! All your problems solved! ;)

For 4 years we (Graham & I) have lived in rentals with an extra room to fit our drum kit. I would often find various bands/performers taking over my lounge room to practice their art for an upcoming gig. I actually loved listening to them rehearse. But fast forward to a small rental and the constant furniture moving and we needed to find a new solution.

Thankfully, many of Graham’s bands started using rehearsal spaces. I had no idea what a rehearsal space was or what it needed, but I was grateful for them because it changed a few things about the way that we get to live at home. It has also motivated Gray’s bands to be intentional about the time they are spending rehearsing as there are less distractions.

Next thing we knew we’d partnered up and invested in Simply.

So, here’s a list of some life problems you’ll never have to deal with again:

1. No more clearing out the Christmas tree box from the garage and moving the bikes around to have space to setup your gear.
2. No untangling mic leads!
3. No time restrictions on sound! Life is way too busy – finding a time that suits the whole band is hard enough. Then the neighbours kids are asleep, and we feel guilty and don’t do it, or do it and cop an earful the next day.
4. AND, no more having to head to the shops for new drum sticks or guitar strings – check out our awesome muso vending machine.

That’s why we call it Simply 😉

Simply Rehearsal Rooms

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