The New Simply

It’s been exciting taking over Simply Rehearsal Rooms! In December last year, Chris, Matt & Dan passed the reigns of Simply over to Graham, Rachel & myself. We’ve spent the last 2 months learning, fixing up & planning for how we’d love Simply to look in the future.

One of the more obvious moves we decided we wanted to make was to strengthen the idea of Simply as Melbourne’s most flexible Rehearsal Rooms. For 5 years now Simply Rehearsal Rooms has been perhaps the only Rehearsal Room utilising online bookings with automated access. We wanted to complete the idea and give our customers the power to book a session at any time they choose.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been building a new system that will allow just that. In addition we’ll be adding podcast rooms, a video studio & recording studio – but more on that later. We’re nearing the end of bug testing and hoping to have the new booking capabilities and new website up in early March.

Excited to show it to you all soon!

Simply Rehearsal Rooms

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