Oh man, what a year this is turning out to be!

We realised the other day at this point the majority of the time we’ve owned Simply it’s been under forced closure. Not exactly the way we imagined things, but hey, we’re still here and we’re looking forward to getting back out and about and welcoming you all through again soon.

It’s been a particularly devastating season for the industry we all love and live in. We can only hope that for those of you who depend on gigging you’ve been able to make something out of this mess. We’ve seen some amazing works from some of the artists that frequent our rooms – thank you for entertaining us beyond the pay cheque you would normally receive.

We’ve also tried the whole “lemonade from lemons” thing and been implementing some new ideas around the joint – it’s been nice to have something to be excited about. When the uncertainty ends, as the professional musicians (registered businesses with ABNs) filter back through in stage 3 and the general populous returns at stage 2, we are so keen for you to check out our new rooms and add-ons.

We’ve been working hard to (post Covid) offer you a video & photography studio, a recording studio, a (Covid inspired) live-stream room (for your live stream concerts) and podcasting rooms. All of these will very soon be available through the new system which you may or may not have had a chance to try yet. And the little cherry on top is you can now pick your start and ends times! There’s new pricing that’ll scale with your choice of session length, and for all the purists we’re leaving our old session types available for the foreseeable future.

So for now, sit tight I guess and make the most of the free-ish time we’ve all found ourselves with. We can’t wait to have you back through, and help you take you Covid season tracks public!

Love from us
The Team @ Simply

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